May 2021 Dev Update

May 28, 2021

Here is your May update from the Challenger Dev team!

So we've been busy behind the scenes making things more awesome-er - let's give you a quick tour of what we've done over the last few weeks!

Major improvements to application stability

As we move through beta toward more of a generally available release, there are a lot of things you have to think about - some of them flashy and cool (like formatting and real-time details related to contests) and some not so flashy (like logging and exception handling). Nearly all of our focus in the parts of the application that you install on your system has been in reducing overhead, providing for a more stable experience and making it easier for our teams to support you when things don't quite go as planned. We've got more coming here as we start looking at new games and faster ways of processing gameplay data that we're super excited to share with you in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

Lots and Lots of Changes 'Under the Hood'

Just like with that term paper you wrote, turned in and 30 seconds later you decided you REALLY should have handled it differently, our alpha and beta testers have put our system through the wringer (in a good way) and we've been hard at work iterating on parts of the application that we could simply perform some upgrades and literally ripping out chunks of the backend where we realized it wasn't ever going to be enough. Our process of matching gameplay data to users and contests is a great example where we've been tweaking, tuning and playing around with the parameters of how and when we're capturing gameplay data and analyzing it. We want our system to be as transparent to your gameplay experience as possible and we know some of you have a really specific setup, so we've done a lot of work to make sure we can detect if and when some of those settings impact how we work so we can better handle those situations (like needing to capture images more often than every 5 seconds... oops). On the other hand, we've completely ripped out and replaced how we handled notifications. The cool part is that, as a user, you shouldn't have seen anything change - we were able to look at it as a 'black box' and just replace that whole set of components so that we could provide more consistent and more contextual messages as you get notifications from us.

Testing, testing and more testing

We've had a few incredibly successful rounds of testing internally and with smaller groups - we're getting to the point where it's time to ask you guys to join in. The application is up and running and even if you aren't playing with another Challenger-enabled user, playing with our application on helps us tune and improve the overall experience. The founders are trying to get together every Wednesday evening at 6pm PST to put the app through its paces, but keep an eye out on our blog and in our Discord for events in real-time too.  You can drop us feedback here too!

Back To The Game!

Thanks for all your support to this point and we're looking forward to iterating quickly and moving forward. Keep on playing and we'll look forward to seeing you 'out there'.


Challenger Devs

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