Introducing “Points Play” & “Cash Play” Credits Feature to Reward Gamers for Playing Whether They Win or Lose

September 29, 2022


Challenger is pleased to announce two new ways for players to earn on the platform: points play and cash play. The “points play” feature enables gamers (18+ or 21+ where applicable) of any skill level to earn 50 redeemable points for every 30 minutes spent using the platform, while “cash play” offers the same points with an added bonus of 5% of all cash wagers placed on the platform (also in the form of points), regardless of whether they win or lose the battle.

“We’re stoked to introduce these additional features that enable players to earn on our platform,” said Chris Slovak, CEO and cofounder of Challenger. “With the introduction of Challenger Points, we’re allowing gamers to play the games they love the same way they always have, but with new ways to be rewarded for the hours they log. Now, Challenger users can continually earn real rewards simply for using our platform to play one of our supported games. They can choose to compete for cash or just log time honing their skills. All points earned can be exchanged for cash, entered into cash play, or be used to redeem gift certificates from one of our partnering brands.”

Challenger is the first esports solution to enable peer-to-peer wagering in battle royale gaming and is committed to making cash-backed competitive gameplay more accessible to gamers of all types, backgrounds, and skill levels. Challenger supports the long overdue desire of casual gamers who want to add a richer layer to their gaming experience without changing their preferred gaming habits. With the addition of points play, gamers who leverage the Challenger platform don't have to wager their hard-earned money against others to begin earning. They can get paid simply by playing their favorite games through the platform — with more hours logged translating into more money earned.

Challenger Points can be redeemed for credits according to the following point packages:

  • Redeem 1,250 Points for 20 Credits ($5 value)
  • Redeem 2,500 Points for 50 Credits ($12.50 value)
  • Redeem 7,000 Points for 150 Credits ($37.50 value)
  • Redeem 15,000 Points for 400 Credits ($100 value)

Once Challenger Points are redeemed as credits, they can then be used to make wagers in competitive contests, exchanged for cash, or used to claim products and gift cards (gift card option only available in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the U.K.) from over 200 partner brands in the Challenger store.

Challenger currently offers points play for Counter-Strike, Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds, Valorant, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Rogue Company, and Overwatch games.

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