Data Science Engineer – Python

Job Category: Engineering
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote San Diego

About Us

Challenger is operating at the edge of what is now known to be possible with computer vision and AI when applied to video gaming. With that, comes a wave of new and incredible challenges and opportunities. To deliver on that value, you will be tapping into some of the most advanced technologies, architecting and innovating where the current solutions simply don’t suffice.

At Challenger we believe all gamers should have an opportunity to enhance their experience with cash contests without radically changing how/where/when they play. With this belief guiding us, we’ve built a first of its kind in-game contest engine that automatically tracks results for users and provides real-time notifications for scores. This is made possible through the combination of our Windows app for contest configuration and data collection, our AI (computer vision, deep learning, machine learning) to understand in-game interactions, and our python data processing running on a performant and scalable GCP tool chain.

As an Engineer at Challenger you will be able to use a combination of leading edge technologies to deliver an experience unlike any other in the video gaming market. We’re a small team of passionate technologists and gamers, chasing ambitious goals in a very fun industry that has not yet realized the potential of cash gaming. 

About You

You are energized and motivated by the opportunity to apply advanced data science approaches for a practical application. You enjoy seeing your creation come to life and be used by thousands. You crave tough challenges in a super technical and collaborative environment that requires creativity and vision to navigate complex and sometimes ambiguous problems.

You are a talented, experienced software engineer with a handle on good software design, a knack for solving difficult problems in complex multi-component systems, and an interest in learning new things. 

You are happy in a team-oriented environment where collaboration between developers and across teams is common; where giving and receiving of feedback, and constructive debate are actively encouraged. You feel a personal stake in the product you ship; with a passion for building great things and a drive to continually improve, be productive, and be proud of the work you deliver.

If this sounds like you, then join our team and let’s create something game changing!

About The Role

We are seeking a data science engineer with strong Python skills to join our engineering team and help us maintain and further develop the Challenger AI processing systems.

Your ideas will lead to new foundations of how our systems interpret and understand user actions within video games. Through the development and maintenance of our core AI processing components, you will be able to incorporate all aspects of data science to create and enable new user experiences in the context of video gaming. You will utilize Deep Learning video and image processing, state recognition algorithms, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Automated Content Recognition, all on top of an advanced GCP toolset.

Your expertise with Python will be important to build and enhance our core data processing and AI pipeline components, which play an essential role powering the rest of our connected solutions.

Ultimately, you’ll build, enhance, and manage:

  • Deep learning models for video games to identify in-game activity
  • Services to ingest and process real-time data from video game play, effectively a pipeline to stream video through backend system and use a combination of deep learning and machine learning methods to obtain specific data from the feed
  • Components to compute and analyze collected data, detect anomalies, enrich user game behavior data sets


  • Build and enhance our data science model pipeline
  • Implement new deep learning and machine learning models
  • Refine and improve model and data capture accuracy
  • Expand video game support through supervised learning and management of annotation team
  • Expand data capture capabilities from video game feeds, enabling expanded services and business opportunities


  • Experience with document capture technology, OCR, and Image processing highly desired
  • Experience with Tensorflow, Keras and related technologies
  • Experience with CVAT annotation toolset (or equivalent)
  • Expertise building enterprise architecture using Python and Python Libraries 
  • Experience with video processing and image splicing
  • Be adaptable, creative, and solve complex problems that require sophisticated solutions

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