Responsible Gaming

Managing your Play

We're committed to protecting our players. To help you manage your play in a healthy, responsible way, we offer proactive tools and support.

Take a Break

Take a break from playing with an account pause. Tell us how much time you need away and we'll make sure you can only log in after the pause period has ended.  Contact Support to setup your pause period.

Third Party Exclusion Requests

As Part Of Its Responsible Gaming Efforts, Challenger Allows Qualified Third Parties, Who Have Concerns About A Player’s Ability To Manage His Or Her Play, To Request A Limitation On That Player’s Use Of Challenger. Limitations May Include Restriction Of Or Exclusion From Play.

Who can make a Third Party Request?
Third Party Exclusion or Play Restriction requests for a specific user can be made by requestors who provide proof that:

  • The requestor is jointly obligated on the credit or debit card associated with the user’s account
  • The user is legally dependent on the requestor under state or federal law
  • The requestor is wholly or partially obligated for the debts of the user pursuant to a court order
  • The user is subject to a court order requiring him or her to pay unmet child support obligations.

What restrictions or limitation options can be imposed on the user?
At the request of a qualified third party, a user may be excluded from play for a period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Will the user be notified of the third party exclusion request?
Yes. In the event we receive a request that satisfies the above criteria, we will attempt to notify the user via email of such request.

Will the user be able to challenge the request or show why it is not valid?
The user will have 5 business days from the date we send email notification of the request to respond. If the user does not respond within 5 business days or if Challenger deems, in its sole discretion, that the information is insufficient to refute the request, it will be honored and the exclusion or restriction shall be enforced.

How do I make an exclusion request?
If you wish to request the exclusion of a Challenger player please contact customer support.

Parental Controls

Challenger verifies all accounts for age and eligibility. If minors (under 18 for games of skill) have access to your computer, your account or your personal information, please consider:

  • Enabling multi-factor authentication on your Challenger account
  • Installing parental control software to prevent access to age-restricted sites
  • Configuring and activating your client terminal's auto-lock features to prevent unauthorized use

If you believe a minor is playing on Challenger, please contact customer support here. If a minor is found playing on Challenger, then that account will be closed in accordance with our Terms of Use.

Helpful Links and Resources

We consult with various organizations – such as the National Council for Problem Gambling (NCPG) and the International Centre for Responsible Gaming - that cover a wide array of consumer protection issues, including problem play, to discuss our policies and ways in which they can remain aligned with the ever-evolving needs of our customer.

If you have additional concerns about managing your play or gaming anywhere else - or if you’re concerned about a friend or family member – NCPG offers support and counselling referrals that may help you through personal, gaming-related issues. The NCPG operates a 24-hour confidential toll-free helpline that you can reach by phone or text at 1-800-522-4700 or chat at

For more information on gaming responsibly and sensibly, visit the following links: